Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yes, today I turn another year older. Its not a special number, it's just the wrong side of 40! Today I have decided to just eat all the wrong sort of food and do very little work or excercise! Going to have a massive take away tonight with wine too. I have been spoilt with some very nice Paul Smith perfume from my gorgeous Rob ,a box of smellies from my son and his lady, some lovely Dove stuff from my sister in law and some bits and bobs from my neighbour. I have some birthday money to spend at the weekend too! The day has been good so far !

Monday, March 07, 2011

More cushions!

Made three more cushion covers. Sofia and Luca wont let me replace the last remaining old one as the cats wont have anywhere to sleep. They are not allowed on the new ones!

Just finished work for the night. I have an inspection tomorrow, I dare them to find one single cobweb! Also just been to parent teacher interviews. It would seem we have two child geniuses on our hands, very happy mum!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Half Term.

Half term passed by too quickly! Weather was not great but we did make it to Banham zoo on Thursday. The kids absolutely loved it, particularly the Meerkats and the seals! Sofia wanted to see the Giraffes but once she saw them she didn't seem that impressed!

On Friday night I went out with the girls for a few drinks and a boogie! The drinks were great as was the company but the night club we went in was awfull! Would of rather stayed in the pub! Anyway, we had a good laugh and let our hairdown for a few hours.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tasty treats!

This weekend has mainly been about lovely food and friends! Satuday we had friends round for dinner. I made a goulash served with rice, sweet potato mash roasted carrots and peas. Jo bought pudding which was a lovely raspberry and strawberry pavlova she had made. Then large amounts of wine were drunk and we played the Wii till the early hours! Jo's bowling skills were brilliant and she wipped the floor with us, although came a bit close to the screen a few times!! Ed and I had a boxing battle that left us both worn out and Rob beat us all at tennis.

Sunday was all about valentines cupcake which Sofia and I made. Making the chocolate hearts to go on the top was lovely and messy! I also cooked a lovely bit of beef and made the most lush yorkshire puds I have ever done! I followed Jamie Olivers recipe and my mums instructions then I sat on the floor in the kitchen and watched them rise!

And this morning I woke up to Rob asking me if I wanted 12" !! Turned out to be a massive bar of Toblarone ! Its now about 10.5" long :o) .

Also on Satuday I picked up my new glasses so now I can actually see what I am typing .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cushion covers for sale!

My first attempt at selleing these. Please have a look on Ebay. My ID is jacquelineemma.

Big Bottoms!

Why oh why do girls think that having cosmetic sugerey is going to make them rich and famous? Re the girl who went to america to have implants put in her bottom cheeks to make her bum bigger. Tragically she died because the surgery was cheep and probably illegal. Please girls ( and boys too ) you are all beautifull the way you are! If you do feel the need to have changes done, have it done by a bonified surgeon . It might cost a bit more but at least you have a better chance of getting what you want and actually surviving! And anyway, most ladies spend their life trying to have small bums....why on earth would you want to make it bigger!!

On a lighter note, Rob just rang me from work. He is designated fire Marchalle and has been checking all the fire escapes only to find that one is tied up shut due to work being done and they were worried people would use it and hurt themselves! Oh, better to burn to death then! He also discovered that one loo seat gets broken on a regular basis as their Muslim colleagues have to , ahem, squat on the seat to pee and poo! At least God ( I am not a member of his club either ) lets you sit down to do your buiseness !

Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday again!

Spent Saturday food shopping, also got a Wii fit so I now have my personal trainer :o) Have been having loads of fun on it, the kids haven't quite got the hang of jogging on the spot, I have to hold the back of their shirts so they don't run into the telly! Going to practise the yoga as it is harder then it loooks.

Sunday I went and bought some new cuttlery as with the dishwasher we keep running out of them! Will have to go and get some more mugs next! I went to work for an hour and then cooked a lovely piece of roast pork with sage & onion stuffing . By the time I had sorted the kids out for school, bathed them and gave them supper it was time for the skating . Really surprised at who went out though. Sofia will be gutted as she quite liked Sylvian Longchambon! I think she liked saying his name.

I have just put a banana cake in the oven so I am now off to do the never ending task of cleaning, ironing etc!

Friday, February 04, 2011


Well, it's probably the best thing that has happened in the kitchen for a long time! I love it. Just need to get some more cutlery! The week has passed fairly non eventfully. Luca had a nice time at his friend Tyler's today after school. Sofia had her friend Daisy round and all they did was fight and argue! Girls!

I will be heading off shopping as normal tomorrow but I might have company as Rob wants to do some shopping too!

We had friends we knew only from Facebook over on Wednesday and i'm happy to say we all got on really well! Had a lovely chinese takeaway dinner but was really late to bed....and on a school night! Just about recovered now.

Hoping the wind dies done over the weekend so I can take the kids out for a bike ride.